The Meaning of Progression By Design

When I first created my website Progression by Design three (wow has it been that long?) years ago, I didn’t have a clear direction. It originally began as a creative outlet that allowed me to write about my passion for interior design that eventually evolved into something greater.

The name Progression by Design strikes a cord in my heart. True progression in life is by design. You must choose to grow and push yourself to be better. While change does happen naturally, epic growth stems from a conscious decision to make your life look and feel better. Whether that growth is learning to rely more on yourself, finally designing a home that you love to live in, or throwing a cocktail party that your friends will remember for years to come, progression happens in the conscious steps that we make to attain a better life for ourselves. These conscious steps provide the foundation for Progression By Design.

In the spirit of the new year, I wanted to realign my focus and attention back onto the reason that Progression By Design exists: to help you design a life that you love. I am beyond excited for all of the fun, informative projects and content that I have planned for 2016. So here’s to 366 (it’s a leap year) days of progression! Thank you for all of the love and support.




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