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Instagram. My favorite (and most frustrating) social media platform. It is so much fun to style colorful photos from my every day life for my blog readers and Instagram followers! However, this being said, the perfectionist in me likes to come out to play. I love to create a colorful, styled Instagram but sometimes I can get a little anal  particular about what photos make the cut. I have finally found that perfect combination between relaxed and pretty that works for me and my lifestyle. I want to give my followers an insight into my everyday life and share pictures that are both inspiring, and colorful! In order to do that, I need to have well edited photos that capture my subject in the best possible manner!

Introducing Snapseed: my holy grail Instagram photo editor.

The Best Instagram Photo Editor on the Market

Snapseed is a powerful photo editing app that allows you to not only edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. of the entire photo, but each part of the photo as well; A feature glaringly absent from many other photo editing apps on the market.  Those of you that are familiar with Adobe Lightroom understand just how powerful that capability can be. I can not tell you how many times that I have wanted to boost the brightness and saturation in my earrings, lip color, or other section of my photo and have been limited by the photo editing app that I was using. I don’t want to boost the saturation for the entire photo thanks. Orange skin? Um no I’m good.

How to Edit Instagram Photos | Progression By Design

How I Used My Instagram Photo Editor

The Instagram picture that I edited above is the perfect example of how powerful that Snapseed can be.

  1. Boost the brightness, contrast, saturation, and highlights for the entire photo.
  2. Crop and alter the vertical perspective of the photo.
  3. Use the Selective Tool to select the wall behind me and boost the brightness and decrease the shadows.
  4. Use the Selective Tool to boost the saturation and contrast of the pink shells on my croakies.
  5. Use the Brush tool to increase the brightness of my t-shirt.
  6. Use the Selective Tool to decrease the saturation of my neck.

And there you have it! My full Instagram photo editing process, life changing app and all!

Make sure and download Snapseed for free here and go check out the rest of my Instagram (@mariepbd) here! I love new followers and Instagrams to explore!



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