The Ultimate Spring Break Bucket List

The ULTIMATE Spring Break Bucket List | Progression By Design


It is that time of year again! No not, Arbor Day, I mean Spring Break 2015! The smell of sunscreen and adventure is in the air. It’s time to bust out your towels, fanny packs, and bikini bods and high tale your rear end to the nearest beach for some beer soaked debauchery! What is Spring Break 2015 without a bucket list to fuel your creativity?! Your welcome. If you missed last year’s Spring Break Essentials Guide then make sure and check that out as well! Without further delay, I present to you my Ultimate Spring Break Bucket List:

The ULTIMATE Spring Break Bucket List | Progression By Design


1. Sleep on the beach for a night

2. Go skinny dipping

3. Do a beer bong

4. Come home with an actual tan

5. Wake up early one morning (You don’t want to sleep your trip away)

6. Get a free round of drinks from someone

7. Enter a competition of some sort (DANCE PARTY)

8. Take shots with a stranger

9. Buy a stupid souvenir, because clearly you NEED that sweatshirt from the gift shop.

10. Invent your own drinking game

11. Have a nice dinner out with your girlfriends

12. Do a keg stand- Also counts as an arm workout. Look at you being proactive!

13. Try something new- Para sailing? Sign me up!

14. Take a video everyday to document your trip

15. Take an epic staged photo with you and your friends

16. Stay up for 24 hours- Sleep when you’re home!

17. Choose a trip “theme song” and play it the entire time- The memories will never fade.

18. Buy an underwater camera and have a photo shoot

19. If you’re at the beach, send a message in a bottle

20. Dance on a table- Because clearly everyone needs to see your poor dance moves.

21. Put a bunch of glow sticks in the pool and go swimming

22. Have a beach bonfire

23. Leave the calorie counting at home- Bring on the margaritas and cheeseburgers

24. Take a body shot

25. Let it all go <3



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