Create a Luxury Suite At Home

It’s summer time. Everyone wants to get away for a vacation or a fun trip of some sort. Luckily, I was able to go on a trip this summer (next week- yaaay!) but I don’t always get to every summer. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s work getting in the way, but some years I just can’t make it. If you can’t get away this year, then why not bring the hotel luxury into your own home? Everyone deserves their own slice of paradise!

1 | Invest in quality bedding. This includes sheets, pillows, and a down comforter.

2 | Add in the little details: towels, bathrobes, candles, and a good book!

3 | Take some quality you time. Unplug from the rest of the world, and treat yourself to a relaxing escape.

Invest In Quality Bedding

Whenever I stay in a nice hotel I absolutely love diving into that big bed for the first time and inhaling the fresh smell of luxury linens. It’s quite nice having a pile of pillows to sleep on and a deliciously crisp duvet to envelop yourself in. The first step to creating your own hotel paradise at home is to invest in quality bedding.

While hotel style bedding can get pretty expensive, there are many affordable alternatives that will achieve the same crisp look. Whatever your budget may be, remember to live a little. Invest in a nicer set than you might think you need. The point here is to add some luxury into your day to day living space!

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Suite | While everyone loves a good vacation, your home should be your sanctuary. Read on for simple interior design tips and tricks that will transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel suite. | Interior Design | Home Decor

via Pottery Barn, Grand Thread Collection

The Set Up

Standard queen size hotel beds typically have:

2 Euro Shams With Down Inserts 

Note: If you have a king size bed, it is standard to have three euro sham pillows instead of two like you would with a queen.

Favorite Option- $31 (currently on sale!) | Down Euro Pillow Insert from Nordstrom

4 Down Bed Pillows 

Luxury Option- $199 | Luxury Down Pillow from Pottery Barn 

Less Expensive Option- $69 | Classic Down Gussett Pillow from Pottery Barn

1 Duvet Cover Down Insert

Luxury Option- $459 | Down Duvet Insert from Pottery Barn

Less Expensive Option- $199 | Classic Down Duvet Insert from Pottery Barn 

1 Queen Size Set Of Bed Sheets + Duvet Cover

Note: I would also get a set of two Euro sham covers that match whatever duvet and sheet set combo that you select.

Luxury Option- $390-450 | Hotel Classic Collection from Frette 

Less Expensive Option- $119 (on major sale right now!) Pictured Above| Duvet Cover and Shams, Grand Thread Collection from Pottery Barn Sheet Set, Grand Thread Collection from Pottery Barn

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxury Suite | While everyone loves a good vacation, your home should be your sanctuary. Read on for simple interior design tips and tricks that will transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel suite. | Interior Design | Home Decor

Emily Jenkins Followill

Add In the Details

After you get the bedroom all set up, turn your focus onto the bathroom. Now although I am sure that we would all love to have a pristine white marble bathroom with a freestanding tub, it doesn’t always work out that way. Creating a luxury suite at home is just as much a combination of conscious mental relaxation and imagination as it is interior design. Your bathroom doesn’t need to look perfect to make it feel like a luxurious escape.

Put away the clutter, add some fresh flowers and other decorative accents like jars of bath salts and scrubs as space will allow, and enjoy your bathroom!

Spend Some You Time

Draw a warm bubble bath and shut out the world for a few minutes (or an hour or two). After your bath, pop a bottle of champagne and drink it in bed with a book or watching your favorite show. This is all about escape. Do whatever makes you the happiest! For more fun ideas on how to pamper yourself and spend some time alone, check out this post. Whether your escape into your luxurious suite lasts a few minutes or an entire weekend, the time that you take for yourself is well deserved.


Shop some of my favorite little details that will add the finishing touch to your luxurious suite:



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    I’ve been thinking about getting a new, crisp, white duvet cover, but I love the idea if adding detail like you mentioned. Pretty!

      Marie Huang

      I’m so loving crisp white right now! I really want to go pick up a white duvet cover after writing this post 🙂

      Marie H.


    Thanks for these tips! I’m starting to get ideas to update my room and I love all of these ideas. Luxury hotel rooms are the best!

      Marie Huang

      Good I’m really glad I coupld provide some helpful inspiration! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!! I’m just curious but how did you hear about my blog? It’s cool to know how some of my readers have found me!

      Marie H.


    Hi Marie,

    I adore hotel bedding. And I agree, nothing beats the feeling of clean crisp sheets. Especially in the hot weather!


    Cindy Eikenberg

    Hi Marie, such a wonderful post and I love all of the tips! Pinning! If you have time, would love you to come share some of your fabulousness at our Best of the Weekend party this Friday! Hope you have a happy and wonderful week!

      Marie Huang

      Thanks Cindy 🙂 I will definitely do that on Friday! Can’t wait!! Thanks for trying to help today I’m glad that I got it all worked out finally!

      Marie H.


    This is such a basic but amazing post. It recapitulates all the great ideas – thank you so much. I am having problem with clutter coming up each months and I am currently trying to work on that. If you could do an article only on bed sheets and duvet covers I would be eternally grateful 🙂


      Marie Huang

      Sure I will definitely keep that in mind for an upcoming post! Thanks so much for your kind words.