Tv Show Obsessions

When it comes to the things that I am interested in, I tend to become a little obsessed, at least for a short time. Whether it be a new hobby, a new favorite show, or a product that I’m thinking about buying, it’s basically all that I think about depending on my degree of interest.

That being said, when it comes to tv shows, I get pretty obsessed.

Sex and the City

Sex and the City. Ahhh… my first binge watching tv experience. Binge watching was a bit more challenging (aka expensive) a few years ago before on demand tv and Netflix became available. In the “olden days” (ha) one had to rent, or god forbid buy, the show a season at a time. Sex and the City was my first true binge watching experience, and let me tell you, after that… I was hooked!

Prison Break

After Sex and the City came Prison Break. I would say all in all it was a pretty good show until Whats His Face gets stuck in the weird Mexican prison or wherever that was… I basically lost all interest and stopped watching the show. The first season was the best. The plot kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, and the characters were well written and well portrayed.


 Weeds. Still in my favorite shows list. I can’t decide if Nancy Botwin annoys the hell out of me or if I actually like her. I think it’s more of a love/hate relationship. Like Prison Break, the magic of the show completely died by the last season. I think they should have just ended it while they were still ahead. I couldn’t even get through an episode in the last season without dry heaving a couple of times. In my opinion, it was that bad. But still a really good show in entireity. If you haven’t watched it… do it!


Breaking Bad

Weeds slowly transitioned into the discovery of  my favorite show of all time. Lets take a minute to guess… Yes you were right. Breaking Bad. If you haven’t watched this show for six hours at a time holed up in your living room pausing only for bathroom breaks and sustinance, then you need to live a little. I’m not even going to rant about how phenominal the entire cast is or the plot’s genius craftmanship… you’ve heard it all by now. But if you haven’t, you seriously need to crawl out from under the rock that you have clearly been living under and join modern society.

Gossip Girl

And finally Gossip Girl. I’m completely obsessed. By the end of the show I wanted to punch every character in the face because everyone is uniquely annoying and ridiculous in their own way. But that’s Gossip Girl for you. It’s totally amazing and I was so sad that it was over. But guess what? That’s what Netflix is for. You can totally bet that I am going to re-watch the entire show again just because I can… but mainly so I can re-drool over Blair’s outfits.

What are your tv show obsessions? I’m always curious to find out about new shows!! Let me know!


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