What Blair Waldorf Taught Me

What Blair Waldorf Taught Me

Blair Waldorf. The Queen B and style icon from the well known show, Gossip Girl. I grew up reading the Gossip Girl books long before the show was filmed. While I had a clear picture of Blair Waldorf in my mind from the novels, the show basically blew my mind. This confident Upper East Side girl embodied everything that I strove to be: polished to perfection, successful, and 100% in control of basically everything in my life. While yes, these expectations were/are unrealistic, the fictitious Blair and her stunning wardrobe gave me something to work toward.

While the chances of you being wealthy enough to even hope to afford one of her $3,000 coats or her ever growing collection of evening gowns are slim, you can still take the best parts of Blair Waldorf’s style and fashion sense and make them your own!

 Detail is a Must

The most important principle that you need to remember when dressing like Blair Waldorf is attention to detail. You smile proudly into the mirror after styling the perfect outfit, grab your keys and walk out the door. Fail. Chances are, you didn’t add enough detail to your outfit. Blair would never DREAM of being caught dead in jeans, anything made of jersey, or without a dramatic accessory- or four.

What Blair Waldorf Taught Me

Don’t forget to  layer or add accessories like tights, headbands, or brooches to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Blair also likes to color match her accessories with one another, especially in the earlier seasons! This practice really adds the finishing touch to a lot of outfits such as above.

What Blair Waldorf Taught Me

Play with different combinations of  textures and patterns. I don’t think Blair has ever met a ruffle that she doesn’t like.

Add Drama

Blair NEVER shys away from a dramatic touch- in life or in her wardrobe. Add a hat or a pair of opera gloves to add interest and make a statement! There is no reason that you can’t feel like the leading role in an old Hollywood film everyday if that’s what you want.

What Blair Waldorf Taught Me

I honestly don’t think that you can get any more dramatic than this. I would never wear this, nor could I pull something like this outfit off, but Blair rocks it with confidence which makes it look amazing!

What Blair Waldorf Taught Me

Dressing in all navy makes a bold statement and captures the eye. I’m in love with those over sized navy sunglasses!

 Let Your Chic Flag Fly

Blair Waldorf never concerns herself with other people’s opinions. She isn’t afraid to make a bold statement and let her chic flag fly. For this reason, her wardrobe completely embodies her personality. She’s dramatic, elegant, passionate, and confident and this radiates from her OOTD (outfit of the day) like nobody’s business.

What Blair Waldorf Taught Me

What Blair Waldorf Taught Me

What Blair Waldorf Taught Me

My Conclusion

After some reflection, I realized that Blair’s stunning wardrobe was only a part of my strong interest in her character. Blair Waldorf brings out the perfectionist in me. This is both frustrating, and inspiring. Frustrating because my life will never remotely look like hers,  but inspiring because I realized that I too, could be that polished and put together if I so wanted. She taught me that there is nothing wrong with striving for absolute perfection and world domination. She also taught me that it’s okay to be who you are and reflect that in your fashion. You can never please everyone, so why not wear that weird hat that no one else likes but (you know) makes you look totally chic? I guarantee you that someone out there will appreciate your chic little hat and admire you for wearing what YOU want, not what everyone else is wearing. So ladies, live a little like Blair.

All photos from Blair Waldorf Fashion.

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    Loved this! I completely agree with you. I may not be able to afford the clothes Blair wears but we can take her attitude and her ways and apply it to ourselves. I strive to have perfection in my life and I hate it when things go my way just like Blair.

      Marie Huang

      Thanks for the comment! Perfection may not be realistic but we can sure try 😉

      Marie H.


    I know you posted this a while ago (so I’m behind the times as usual) but I LOVED it! I found it through Pinterest while searching “Blair Waldorf,” and I just really appreciated that there is someone out there who admires her as much as I do…whether she’s real or not! Thanks for the post it was awesome, and I’ll be sure to revisit your blog again 🙂

      Marie Huang

      I’m so glad that you loved it! She is still one of my style icons, and I have been meaning to rewatch the show for like the fourth time. I find that I reach for Gossip Girl when I am gearing up to make a big change in my life. Blair never fails to motivate and inspire me. Thanks for stopping in girl!



    Just re-discovered gossip girl again since my high school days and I have really been enjoying it. As a younger me I more focused on Serena but now I absolutely adore Blair. Great style. Not totally my style but I will definitely try to get inspired .. quite a bit! Thank you for your lovely work I really really like your blog.